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I help to develop meaningful and enduring solutions to meet ever changing requirements or unexplored market potential, focused on supporting operational and project management, sales and marketing and fundraising efforts.

Public Affairs

I can advise you on how to open up space for public argumentation and question the way European public opinion and policy is administered. I can also help you understand how to benefit from public co-funding opportunities.  


I mentor during startup and restructuring with regard to operation, strategy and business development. I also design and run collaborative workshops on aspects around alternative funding of innovation, including crowdfunding.

Talk & Print


These are just some examples of my recent speaking engagements:

+ Business Innovation Observatory, 2015, Brussels
+ Marketplace lending in Lithuania, 2015, Vilnius
+ Global Entrepreneurship Congress, 2015, Milan
+ European Summit on Innovation for Active & Healthy Aging, 2015, Brussels
+ P2P Financial Systems, 2015, Frankfurt
+ European Parliament, 2015, Brussels
+ ACCA President Debate, 2014, Brussels
+ EVPA Annual Conference, 2014, Berlin
+ ECMI Annual Conference, 2014, Brussels
+ SME Week 2014: Business Incubation to Crowdfunding, 2014, Malta
+ LET’S 2014, 29 September, 2014, Bologna
+ DIGILE Business Forum, 2014, Helsinki
+ Federation of European Securities Exchanges Convention, 2014, Zurich
+ Global Entrepreneurship Congress, 2014, Moscow
+ Midis de la finance inclusive – Crowdfunding, 2014, Luxembourg
+ 131th Annual Congress of the Germany Society for Surgery, 2014, Berlin
+ Economy and Change, Austrian Ministry of Economics, 2014, Vienna
+ EuroFinUse International Conference, 2013, Vienna
+ EUROCHAMBRES Economic Forum, 2013, Istanbul
+ 6th Convergences World Forum, 2013, Paris
+ World Investment Conference Europe 2013, Strasbourg
+ Crowdfunding: Untapping its potential, DG MARKT, 2013, Brussels
+ […]


These are just some examples of my recent press interviews or publications:

+ Digital investment for digital businessess, European Voice, 2015 (interview)
+ Crowdfunding in the EU: “still a niche market”, Inventures (interview)
+ ECN Review of Crowdfunding Regulation 2014, Brussels (editor)
+ Finance participative: les apprentis banquiers sont à la fête, Le Monde, 2014 (interview)
+ Crowdfunding supporting ‘innovative’ business ideas, The Parliament, 2014 (author)
+ Crowdfunding today and tomorrow. DIGIpuhetta, Radio Rapu, 2014 (interview)
+ Future Finance: Is your business a crowd pleaser?. CNN, 2014 (TV interview)
+ Bruxelles veut encadrer le «crowdfunding». L’AGEFI, 2014 (interview)
+ Der Hype um Crowdfunding. Forum Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, 2014 (interview)
+ Crowdfunding catching on with European filmmakers. Variety, 2014 (interview)
+ Crowdfunding Guide for Media Professionals. Brussels 2014 (author)
+ Crowdfunding for Impact in Europe and the USA. San Francisco 2013 (author)
+ Regulation of Crowdfunding 2013. Brussels 2013 (editor)
+ Review of crowdfunding for development initiatives. London 2013 (author)
+ Targeting European job growth. Euronews, 2014 (TV interview)
+ Financing for the Future. Euronews, 2014 (TV interview)
+ A Framework for European Crowdfunding. Hamburg 2012 (author)
+ A Quick Guide to Venture Capital. Wall Street Journal Europe, 2010 (author)
+ […]




Since 2006 I work as a hands-on strategic consultant, public affairs adviser and mentor with innovative businesses and organisations. I am a frequent speaker at conference on entrepreneurship, collaborative economy and alternative funding.

I started my career in the early 1990s in the publishing industry with companies such as a subsidiary of Deutscher Fachverlag, Euromoney Institutional Investor and the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.  I hold Masters degrees from Solvay Business School (Université Libre Bruxelles) and from the University of Hamburg and studied at SEESS (University College London) in London.

My Work

|| Current : European Crowdfunding Network, Brussels, Founder and Executive Director | European Crowdfunding Stakeholder Forum at the European Commission, Brussels, Member | Förderkreis Gründungs-Forschung e.V. (FGF), Advisory Board Member | InnoHub, Hamburg, Mentor

|| Past : European Crowdfunding Network, Brussels – Chairman of the Board | CF50 – Crowdfunding Think Tank, New York, Executive Board member | OpenForum Europe, Brussels, Head of Office  |  Aflatoun, Amsterdam, Director of Services  |  Europe Unlimited, Brussels, COO and Director of the Non-Executive Board  |  Accion International, Washington DC, Consultant  |  Microfinance Information Exchange, Washington DC, Marketing Manager  |  and many more ( … )


I help you find opportunities and drive value creation through to impact and business growth

Innovation, Enterpreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Social Impact, Alternative Finance.

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